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One of the best pieces of parenting advice we ever received was to create a stockpile of diapers before the baby was born. The suggestion to pay attention to sales and get active using coupons to save money was invaluable plus I really enjoyed being able to ask my husband to go grab a box of diapers from the garage whenever we ran low rather than having to get dressed (gasp!) and head to the store. What I had difficulty with was figuring out how MANY diapers of each SIZE to buy. I did a…

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How to Stockpile Diapers free printable #diapers #stockpile #preparingforbaby

Preparing for Baby printables. Preparing for a new baby seems like an endless to do list. As I am preparing for baby number two I am creating free printables to help you prepare for your babies. Such as how to build a diaper stockpile, household items to stockpile before baby arrives and more.

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I am sure we have all heard from a relative or two, how expensive babies are. When compiling a list of what all I wanted to have for the baby, I realized just how expensive baby items can really be! But, babies don’t have to be! I am a firm believer in if somethings for sale, there is always a […]

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