B.b. king

Explore the life and music of the legendary B.B. King, the iconic blues guitarist and singer. Discover his timeless classics and delve into the rich history of blues music.
B.B.KING's LUCILLE @ NAC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -1 | Flickr Opera, Musicals, Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher, Les Paul, Whistler, Guitar Porn, Gibson Guitars, Guitar Hero

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA - May 27th: The living legend B.B. KING performed on May 27, 2012 at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This is his faithful guitar "LUCILLE", a custom made Gibson ES-355. Born in Mississippi on September 16, 1925, legendary blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter B. B. King truly personifies a genre of music that truly describes the struggle of the down and out people of America. B. B. King has the prestige of being in the Rock And Roll Hall Of…

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