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Alira is one of the controllable commanders from Na'vi side in Avatar: Pandora Rising mobile game. Alira is an observer of nature and considered to be one of the most analytical members of the Tawkami clan. When at her Hometree, she is inseparable from her best friend and confidant, Tsyal. The two could not have more opposing temperaments, but their bond is not easily broken. When in need of solitude, Alira disappears into the jungle to center herself, sometimes for weeks at a time. Being…

A First Look At The James Cameron Avatar Comic For Free Comic Book Day 2017 Drake, Ideas, Films, Quetzal, Sanat, Free Comic Books, Film, Movies, Free Comics

Remember that's James Cameron's Avatar, to distinguish it from Avatar: The Last Airbender, also published by Dark Horse. And, frankly, Avatar Press owners of Bleeding Cool. Free Comic Book Day on May 6th sees the first look at the new Avatar series by Sherri Smith and Doug Wheatley. And here's your first look inside the pages… […]

Guilherme Rodrigues
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The panopyra (Na'vi name: tawtsngal meaning "sky cup"), nicknamed the love flower by Terran scientists, is an unusual life-form that has characteristics reminiscent of a jellyfish. It doesn't resemble any taxonomic plant group found on Earth and appears to represent a new line of evolution toward a primitive nervous system. Sensory tissue and a saprophytic lifestyle, where nutrition is obtained from decayed organic matter and dead organisms, place this species somewhere between plants…