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Join Arthur Read on his exciting adventures as he navigates through the challenges of childhood and learns valuable life lessons along the way. Explore the world of Arthur Read and get inspired by his curiosity, creativity, and resilience.
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Arthur Timothy[6] Read[7] is the eponymous titular main protagonist of the series. He is the oldest child and only son of David and Jane Read, and the brother of D.W. and Kate. He is a student in Mr. Ratburn's third grade (and later fourth grade) class at Lakewood Elementary School. Arthur is an anthropomorphic aardvark, like the rest of his family. In the first Arthur book, Arthur's Nose, Arthur has a long nose and his entire appearance embodies the look of an actual aardvark, including the…

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"Arthur's Eyes" is the first half of the first episode in the first season of Arthur. It is based on the book Arthur's Eyes. It also serves as the series premiere. Arthur recounts to D.W. the story of how he came to wear glasses, and of the teasing that followed when he began wearing them. The series opens with D.W. waking Arthur up with a flashlight in the middle of the night. She shows Arthur some old family photos of him with no glasses on from when he was little, which D.W. thinks are…

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Buster Baxter - Arthur; is in Mr. Ratburn's 3rd Grade class with his best friend Arthur Read and the rest of his friends. Buster is the only child of Bitzi & Bo Baxter. His parents are divorced. is easygoing, fun-loving, and somewhat odd. He has a strong interest in space aliens, and claims to have seen flying saucers over Elwood City. also has a strong love for food, and will eat virtually anything. Childhood, Buster From Arthur, Arthur Cartoon, Dw Arthur, Cartoon Characters, Cartoon, Cartoon Drawings, Pbs Cartoons, Children's Book Characters

Buster Baxter is a student in Mr. Ratburn's third grade class at Lakewood Elementary School, along with his best friend Arthur Read and the rest of their friends. Later, he is in Mrs. Grimslid's fourth grade class. He resides in Elwood City in a condominium with his divorced mother, Bitzi Baxter. When Buster was a baby, he was wearing a purple shirt, disposable diapers (colored gray instead of white to avoid mixing in with his white complexion), and red and white sneakers. When he was around…

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Arthur is an animated series aimed at viewers ages four to eight. ARTHUR's goals are to help foster an interest in reading and writing, to encourage positive social skills, and to model age-appropriate problem-solving strategies. The show is based on the children's books by author/illustrator Marc Brown, who has been working with the beloved aardvark for over 40 years. Born one night when Brown was telling a bedtime story to his son, Arthur soon evolved into the book Arthur's Nose, published…