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Explore exciting Arduino laser projects that you can easily build yourself. Get inspired and start creating your own laser-based gadgets and inventions today.
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DIY Laser Engraver With RGB: After browsing for some cheap Chinese laser engravers online, I stumbled upon some specimens that seemed to be made out of DVD readers. After digging deeper, I discovered that many makers had had the same idea before and had built their laser engrav…

Last updated Jan/12/2018  Check periodicaly for future modifications/recomendations.    Wiring Diagram  This is the basic wiring. As mention... Arduino Laser, Arduino Controller, Arduino Cnc, Laser 3d Printer, Arduino Projects, Arduino, Cnc Controller, Laser Cnc Machine, 3d Printer Machine

Last updated Jan/12/2018 Check periodicaly for future modifications/recomendations. Wiring Diagram This is the basic wiring. As mentioned, EndStops are optional, If you don´t use it, leave pins unconnected (firmware is configured to use Normally Open contacts for EndStops). Don´t connect the laser before full tuning the laser driver. NOTE: Take care, since CNC shield v3.1+ boards, the PCB has been updated and the Z+/Z- endStops and SpnEn pins has been swaped and are now correctly labered for…

Frikkie VD Linde
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DIY Arduino Mini Laser Engraver: Hello Guys Whatsup, In this instructable, I am making an Awesome mini laser engraver from old DVD writers. It's an amazing machine. You can use this laser engraver machine to make any kind of design, logo, art on the surface like WOOD, MDF, PLYWOOD,…

DIY | Easy Arduino Laser Tripwire Security System! : 4 Steps (with Pictures)

DIY | Easy Arduino Laser Tripwire Security System! : In this tutorial I will be teaching you how you can build your own Laser Tripwire Security System at home! You will need the following components and materials: LED light Laser Module Laser Sensor Module Speaker or Piezo Buzzer 2 Small Breadb…

Eric Lundie