Anti squirrel bird feeder

Discover the best anti-squirrel bird feeders to keep pesky squirrels away from your bird feed. Create a peaceful and squirrel-free environment for your feathered friends with these top-rated bird feeder options.
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Squirrels can make themselves a real pain when it comes to birdseed and suet. They will also destroy plastic and wooden feeders. Stop these rascals from being regular guests at your feeders with a few simple changes and precautions. Hang...

Robin Carne
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It can be very frustrating. You put food out for the birds, and the squirrels get it instead. Trying to stop squirrels from getting to your feeder can be tricky, but one method you can use is a slinky. Secure it well, and they won’t get up the pole. There […]

Ann Hargrave