Annabelle wallis tudors

Learn about the talented actress Annabelle Wallis and her portrayal of historical figures in the hit TV series The Tudors. Discover the captivating performances and behind-the-scenes stories that make this show a must-watch for history enthusiasts.
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Sigh. I find myself with a touch of sadness as I write this post. It's not because of Jane Seymour's story or anything. It's tragic, sure, but so is Anne Boleyn's. So is Catherine of Aragon's. So is Mary Tudor's. Hell, so is Catherine Howard's (and I hated her). It's because I feel like my best posts are behind me. The last four of Henry's wives only get half a season at most so most of their clothing choices are made based purely on establishing the character. None of them really go through…

Caitlin Burrows