Anime child

Explore a world of adorable anime child characters that will warm your heart and bring back nostalgic memories. Discover the top anime shows and movies featuring these captivating characters today.
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According to statistics, almost every single parent is convinced that they are doing the right job raising their children and teaching them lessons. But in fact, it’s not all that simple and smooth. Most of the time, adults can’t control their emotions and punish their children more than they deserve. This, in turn, has negative consequences for the children: they develop fears and stereotypes that make everything harder for them.

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Claude de Alger obelia.. A businessman whom everyone respect and fear.. He is righteous and Unbending.. He won't spare anyone who makes mistakes and never shows mercy..he do have a soft side to him But it's for only one person now ... His beloved daughter Athanasia.. She is his everything... He will do anything for her.. Having to raise a daughter who is different from others made him always worried about her.. When he came to knew a shocking truth about his life.. He made an important…

Natalia Vargas
(Y/n) was born with a remarkable gift. She can control nature. She ca… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Anime Kid, Chibi Anime, Cute Anime Boy, Anime Kawaii, Anime Guys, Fantasy Character Design, Character Inspiration, Character Art, Black Anime Characters

(Y/n) was born with a remarkable gift. She can control nature. She can talk to animals and even shape shift and control the weather. She lived with her ppl called the Quellia clan. Known for their piercing golden eyes and their tongues that had a flower in the middle. (Y/n) was ostracized from her ppl. They called her monster because of how ferocious her power was. One day the villagers were beating her up like usual and told her to go and pick some herbs in the forest and when she came back…