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Get ready to be amazed by these incredible animal mashups. Discover a world where fantasy meets reality and witness the unbelievable creatures that nature has created.
Dog Shark = Doark? LOL! hybrid animals photoshop 14 Hybrid animals make my brain feel funny (31 Photos)

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Whilst we were roaming the internet, we bumped into a page on reddit that contained some really funny, peculiar, clever and sometimes scary animal mashups. Enjoy... The Crocobear. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Pygmy Marmowolf. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Fareobin. Press the Image to Enlarge it. A Baby Penguitten. Press the Image to Enlarge it. The Bearson. Press the Image to Enlarge it. The Bunpaca. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Lizog. Press the Image to Enlarge it. Goth. Press the…

Members Of Online Group Create The Stupidest Animal Hybrids They Can Think Of (40 Pics) | Bored Panda Animals, Cat Pics, Cute Cats And Dogs, Cute Dogs, Animal Pictures, Animals Wild, Animal Mashups, Animal Wallpaper, Animals And Pets

It’s not like there aren't enough animal species on Earth already… but are there? Well, a Reddit group called Hybrid Animals think there could be more. The group has more than 120K members who are using Photoshop to create unique animal hybrids by mixing two already existing animals together. Safe to say that the results are surprising and pretty hilarious.