American beauty standards

Take a deep dive into the diverse beauty standards in America and gain a better understanding of the cultural influences that shape them. Discover how these standards have evolved over time and embrace the beauty that is unique to you.
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The twenty-second cycle of America's Next Top Model kicks off August 5. And in honor of those episodes that you can always count on for major drama, we're taking a look back at the most jaw-dropping makeovers, including some that left the contestants emotional wrecks.

Kaitlin Hall
STYLECASTER | Asian Celebs on Asian & American Beauty Standards | Shay Mitchell Priyanka Chopra, Samos, Asian Celebrities, Korean Beauty Standards, Asian Beauty, Korean Beauty, Asian Girl, Beautiful Asian Women, Celebs

Constance Wu, Olivia Munn and Shay Mitchell are a few Asian and Asian-American celebrities who have spoken out against Asian and American beauty standards. Ahead, hear from the famous ladies who are shedding a light on the struggle to fit into two worlds.

Azalee A