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Discover the journey of Amber Heard, a talented actress making her mark in Hollywood. Learn about her notable roles and upcoming projects, and be inspired by her dedication to her craft.
Amber Heard Had the Most Gorgeous Beauty Weekend Ever                                                                                                                                                                                 More Balayage, Amber Heard Hair, Amber Heard Style, Amber Head, Ombre Braid, Balayage Blond, The Danish Girl, The Beauty Department, Friday Night Lights

Amber Heard Had the Most Gorgeous Beauty Weekend Ever

Amber Heard is such a head-turner she gives the entire world whiplash, but the actress (also known as Mrs. Johnny Depp) really took things up a notch with her hair and makeup at the Venice Film Festival this weekend. Check out our favorite beauty moments we caught on Heard while she promoted her new movie The Danish Girl. Become immediately infatuated with... The black nail polish, mauve eyeshadow, and fauxhawk updo she wore on the red carpet: The sexy bedhead style she wore to a photo call…

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