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Explore the exciting All Around Town preschool theme that engages young minds in learning about community and transportation. Discover creative activities, crafts, and games to make learning fun!
My community theme board.  Study places in a community and have students add to the board. Montessori, Pre K, Community Helpers Preschool, Community Helpers Theme, Community Helpers Unit, Community Helpers, Preschool Social Studies, School Community, Community Helper

We are now doing the theme on My Community. Below is our theme board. Here, we depicted a normal neighbourhood scene with shops, people as well as the mode of transportation. This is a very interesting theme because most of the children are familiar with the buildings. We talked about the buildings around Bandar Sri Damansara (where Little Beans is) and of course MacDonald's, Grand Union, Berry's Bakery and even Klinik Kanak-Kanak London are familiar landmarks to them. Of course, we talked…

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Our community theme is one of my favorites because there are so many fun things we can do. I could probably spend a month on this theme exploring lots of jobs, places and community helpers. Here were our plans for our community theme: And here are the details for each activity: Making Inferences: Madelynn loves […]

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This the town theme for Preschool English Language learners. or get it here: Watch the resource video ! Let´s start with Town or Neighborhood Flashcards. I made a short list of the most common ones for Preschool (28 in total). Teacher: What´s this? Students: It´s the bank. Place several flashcards…

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