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Discover innovative access panel designs to make maintenance and repairs a breeze. Explore top ideas to enhance functionality and convenience in your space.
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Model / Application Overview BAUCO has been supplying virtually invisible and fully customizable solutions for over 25 years. Our products work well with drywall. Our architecturally designed models include access panels in many sizes, air return grilles, and cost-efficient sheetmetal doors. Find the right solutions to your project requirements below. Or call for a detailed...

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Manthorpe's Tile Access Panel is a versatile kit of parts that can be quickly assembled to form a cloaked access panel within a tiled wall. The panel is completely flexible and can accommodate most tile sizes.It can be installed into all existing wall panel materials (plasterboard or tile backer board), of any thickness, fitting flush with the surrounding tiles.Kit parts:Clip-on corner hinges/ Corner hinge supports/ Corner magnet supports/ Magnetic touch latches (white high impact…

An access panel is a door, panel or piece of plywood that can be easily removed to provide access to a shut-off valve, drain or other plumbing parts.

An access panel or plumbing access door is a door, panel or piece of plywood that can be easily removed to provide access to a shut-off valve, drain or other (most often) plumbing part.

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Aaaand we’re back! Project basement makeover is still underway; although we’ve gotten to the point where we’re now trying to decide on colors, finishes and what to do down here that will really make a statement. A few weeks ago we finally faced one of our biggest challenges… the totally random placement of our water…

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