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Discover iconic 50s packaging designs that can inspire your brand's packaging. Explore top ideas to create a nostalgic and eye-catching packaging that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.
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Old packaging designs from previous centuries provide the ultimate vintage design inspiration. The best way to achieve realistic vintage effects in your modern artwork is to study the aesthetics of authentic examples. These relics were once every day household products with ordinary packaging artwork for the era, but as design styles and printing technologies have […]

Karina Pasechka
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This great collection of BBQ sauces for Williams-Sonoma designed by Foundry Co. is beautifully designed with a sophistication that definitely represents the Williams-Sonoma brand. I love the use of patterns, icon illustration (such as the potlatch seasoning) and color scheme throughout the BBQ collection. The typography on each label stands out and showcases what each […]

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