3d tattoo red and blue

Discover stunning 3D tattoo designs in vibrant shades of red and blue. Get inspired to make a bold statement with these eye-catching tattoos that come to life on your skin.
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⚠️ Discontinued :( ⚠️ I'm so sorry everyone but I've decided to pause this book. I haven't been feeling it and I really hate it. A classic Assassin story. This is my take on the many different story's such as this one, I'm sure it isn't that good but please give it a read! I'm open to any feedback that's necessary! Used to be called 'The Missing Mafia Siblings' Btw, the mature stuff doesn't happen till later. I guess you could call this a s slow burn? Idk lol. Slow updates!! Sorry, I know it…

Bianca Fernandes