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Enhance your 3D printing experience with these must-have parts for your DIY projects. Discover top ideas to upgrade and optimize your 3D printer for stunning results.
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3D Home Printer With Arduino: I wanted to make a 3D printer for a long time. When I decided to make it, I bought necessary materials and I started with my 3D printer dreamed. I was looking for information on many websites and I saw different models, Prusa , Delta, etc. In the en…

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Fixing the Stuff Around You With a 3D-printer: Oh, the frustration when dropping a device, breaking it into pieces. Or losing parts from an item which besides that works perfectly fine. You already checked out the websites for spare parts but the thing you're looking for is not available (anymor…

Hannah Nana
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This kit includes all the 3D printable parts of Voron v0.2 Printed with High-Quality ABS filament by Voron V2.4 printers. (list is under the description. The primary color is black, the secondary color is red. Please contact me if you want the parts to be printed in other colors. I will send you the color options. Secondary color parts are marked with [a]. Feel free to ask questions about quality. Parts are printed to the specifications in the manual; Top : 5 Bottom : 5 Wall : 4 Infill : %40…

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