David Hartl

David Hartl

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David Hartl
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15 Ways to Stay married! These are so true and kind of funny because its common sense but we over think it and this shows how simple it is to have a happy life with the one you love. Shower sex isn't on the list but it can be # 16

1. Continuosly learning about the other person

It& one thing to be in a relationship, but it& another to have a deep connection with your partner. Here are some habits of couples who are deeply connected

“Love is not who you can see yourself with. It is who you can’t see yourself without.”

I love seeing pictures of happy older couples. There seems to be such a stigmata of showing old couples. Everybody has to be young, beautiful, and perfect. But that's not realistic. We're all going to age, and I look forward to it.

dance together....always

A couple who never stops dancing, or believing in their love. When he looks at you 50 years from now, and you still get the same butterflies you did the moment your eyes met.