Sala de TV

Distances for TV Viewing. Note, the size of the TV is in inches while the distances are in meters. (Multiply each meter by for distances in feet.

Expedit  To divide office/den

Separation of rooms in a studio. 7 Useful Tips for Decorating a Studio Apartment---- in case I ever get that cute lil European flat I've always dreamed of ;

Love these open shelves dividing the living area from the bedroom area-having the shelves open lets much needed light through in the small space and a curtain on the bedside area that can be drawn across will give privacy when needed. Perfect for a studio apartment.

Nice idea for if I ever have a studio guest house or really big guest room. Make your studio feel cozier :) could add curtain to bedroom side of the book case for little extra privacy at night

The Everygirl Jacqueline Clair HomeTour, studio apartment, upper east side of manhattan, nyc apartment, new york apartment, small apartment, white ikea expedit bookcase used as a room divider, jute rug, ghost chair, west elm headboard

Jacqueline Clair's NYC Studio Tour

Jacqueline Clair’s NYC Studio Apartment tour // home // decor // // decorating on a // Photography by Kate Ignatowski



The layered rugs.Living room with five IKEA sofas in a U-shape. Rugs, mirrors, lamps and table.

Super Cool IKEA Dorm Room Design Inspirations : Amazing White Serene IKEA Dorm Room with White IKEA Expedit Table and Wooden Floor

Incredible Ikea Room Divider to Border Limited Space in House : Minimalist Interior Bedroom Offce Space Bookcase Ikea Room Divider

View from Couch to Dining Area and expedit room divider - Vinces Flower District HOme

Name: Vince StroopLocation: Flower District — New York, New YorkSize: 700 square feetYears lived in: 4 years — rented

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