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DIY Origami Lamp

Paper lamp can be very stylish and modern piece that will make your home interesting place to live. There are a lot of paper lamps ideas that you can make

Tó Martins is doing something with old washing machine parts you’d never have expected: he’s making lamps out of them. Using old washing machine drums, Martins creates a lamp — called Rewash — whose shade can be customized with just about anything you’d like.

Rewash lamps : Made out of recycled washing machine drums and wrapped in an array of surprising materials, by Antonio "Tó" Martins.

lighting from antique gramophones

Pending Lamps From Recycled Gramophones If the old gramophone your grandfather no longer works, here’s an idea for reusing it into beautiful pendant lamps that illuminate your interior with originality.

Recycled Paper Objects by Material Immaterial Lab

Material Immaterial Lab have designed a variety of objects using recycled paper. "Material Immaterial Lab has designed these unconventional pieces of art out of papier-mâché using form and textures inspired from