Ingrid Balušková

Ingrid Balušková
Praha / Prague / Dreamer, optimist and movie buff
Ingrid Balušková
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Vanities Collection #Penhaligons

Vanities Collection This gift set comes with 1 150 milliliter and 1 300 milliliter shower gel packaged in a keepsake tin illustrated with mechanical singing birds.

Gravity Falls в дневнике холм скорби

Cross Over - Ford and Rick Hey man, y-y-you know what’s funny. I’ve actually fiddled around with a concept like that myself. On paper, on paper! I’m a ffffuckin grad student, not a– a science billionaire.

Rick and Morty

my entry for the rick and morty contest! “M-Morty you gotta stop screaming Morty, there’s noth-BURP-nothing we can do now, we’ve almost reached terminal velocity. Just keep your arms and legs inside.

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Modest doesn't mean frumpy. Do your clothing choices, manners, and poise portray the image you want to send? Dress how you wish to be dealt with! Jean) doesn’t mean frumpy.