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Schizophrenia by Christian Sampson

Schizophrenia by Christian Sampson

Just another endless night without you CLIFFTON I scream into my pillow. I miss you son . 6/24/2017

What I thought of influence in my youth aside from my grandparents and a few family favorites. Influential Vanity is cruel and brutal to its victim. I wept for many in my pillow to keep the silent scream in my chest hidden.

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Having the gift of vision can feel like a curse. I see what hides in the dark and it is not pretty. The world only sees the tip of the iceberg.

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The voices in my head are trying to kill me.

They tried a second time to kill me, but I got help before it was too late now I am on the road to recovery.<<< yeah I fucking wish I'm far from recovery and this is probably the 20 time (or more) that I've tried to kill myself and I'm not even joking