Adventní věnec

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three candles are lit on top of a wreath with pine cones and evergreen needles in the center
three yellow candles are sitting in small pots filled with moss and pine cones on a wooden table
Beeswax candles
three candles are placed in a wreath with pine cones, berries and evergreen needles on a wooden table
an arrangement of pine cones and candles on a table
a cake decorated with pine cones and candles
a wreath hanging on the front door with pine cones and greenery attached to it
Weihnachtlicher Türkranz - Rustikal
a collage of pictures with buttons and other things to make it look like a wreath
four white candles are tied with twine and surrounded by greenery on a lace doily
Voorbereiding Advent voor jezelf en je kinderen