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Ninjas your honor

He sounds like a little kid complaining about an older sibling, "She made me dress up as a ninja.

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock/Daredevil

I love the defenders they are the definition of perfect heroes because their not the perfect cookie cutter heroes like dc heroes (im not a fan of dc but I don’t hate it I just think the dcu is confusing and it’s not very realistic at times)

The Average Blog of an Indian Teenager: Wait...he's NOT married to Bucky?

I can't you guys.I can't put a smart caption for this one because I'm still laughing way too hard.<<<<<Anthony Mackie is my spirit animal I swear this man 😂

Community Post: 24 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Matt Fraction's Hawkeye

Whether you& a comic book aficionado, a staunch DC fan, or have never touched a comic book in your life, there is something for everyone in Matt Fraction& Hawkeye comics from Marvel.

Steve Rogers and the Sokovia Accords. <<< Hmmm... Not sure I realized how convenient the timing of Peggy's death was... "In her sleep" paralleled with Zemo's "They died in their sleep" at the end of the movie?<<<WHAT

Steve Rogers and the Sokovia Accords. <<< Also, there are some things, like this attempt at control, that do not merit serious consideration or negotiation. They want to control Cap?

Eyebrows of disappointment<<Everytime You are considering to procrastinate about anything think of the eyebrows of disappointment

Damn gotta change my life choices cause I know I'd be getting some of those eyebrows of disappointment right now - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!