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Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants (Love My Art Jewelry)

NOTE: Double Bail How-To; Stops Pendant from Flipping Around Love My Art Jewelry: Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants - tutorial to help keep pendants from turning around

Shabby chic bottle, altered bottle with hand painted roses, pretty lace, pearl detail and faux jewels. Beautiful Old Fashion Altered bottles.

Mixed media art, find her in Huntsville at University pickers altered bottle by Kathy McElroy ♡

How to Choose Safe Cleaning Products For Home

Pion Design keeps making their pinks more and more beautiful in each of their collections! Start with chipboard hearts, glue a long strip of satin ribbon down the backs of the hearts to connect them, and then decorate them…

Tape your design on the inside of your glass, and then etch away with your favorite Dremel rotary tool! This deer design is perfect for the holidays.


Easy To Make Stone Art - write message on rock with pencil, Use Dremel w/grinding stone, run over pencil mark once to create groove, go over three times or until you reach desire thickness. - now I just need a dremel.