There are certain things that I look forward to every year, maybe with getting older you notice the years passing quicker so it seems more important to mark the seasons and celebrations.

Riciclare i barattoli di vetro per decorare a Natale. Ecco per voi oggi un raccolta di 20 idee creative per decorare in tema natalizio i barattoli di vetro!

Riciclare i barattoli di vetro per decorare a Natale! 20 idee...

DIY Christmas Mason Jar Lighting Crafts [Instructions]:different ways to make mason jar lights for mantel, dinning table and wall holiday decoration.


Landlust-Engel Tutorial- take piece of fire-wood, cut wings from cardboard, cover with several layers of plaster. When dry-/hard fix with small nail to wood. For the head use ball made of Styrofoam.

plate with 4 candles

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