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I‘m convinced that crochet (and knitting) is witch‘s black magic.., My wife does that stuff... She sits there, with 2 magic wands, performing complex movements, while chanting and cursing, looking al a spell book .. And men, blanket. Witchcraft. - iFunny
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a darth vader sitting on top of a bench next to a palm tree
Knit with Love on Twitter
No one is able to escape the allure of #knitting
a cartoon depicting a woman eating noodles with her husband in the kitchen and another person standing behind her
a knitter
a painting of a woman in front of a bookshelf holding a sewing machine
a woman with glasses holding a ball of yarn
a white dishwasher filled with balls of yarn
Genius! I use it for storage anyway!
a sheep is jumping in the air with a scarf on it's back and butterflies flying around
knitting animated humor cartoon
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Tableau Art, Foto Vintage, Knitted Wit, Knitting Girls, E Card
X. It’s what’s happening
a painting of a woman holding a red piece of yarn and knitting needles in her hands
Knitting is an international survival skill ~
an ad for knitting yarn on the app
Nicole Carina Knits
well duh!