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Simple Pinecone Tree On A Pedestal

Diy pine cone crafts (ideas and designs) demonstrate the versatility of the simple pinecone.

Beadwork by Olga Arsentieva. Night Breath Necklace. Detail

Beadwork by Olga Arsentieva, looks very York white rose-ish, could try making it with pearls and white beads

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I've blogged about Robin Smith's "Princess Earrings" a couple of times, HERE and HERE. I learned how to make them by taking Robin's class at Beadoholique, which is a local bead shop. For this pair of

Although today is my birthday, it is a very sad day. Beadoholique, one of my favorite local bead shops, is officially closing forever toda.

One of my signature pieces of beadwork, this large beaded bead is a study in the symmetry of a tetrahedron, a pyramid with a triangular base. It is composed of 4 medium sized tetrahedrons, each of which is composed of 4 tiny tetrahedrons, for a total of 16 tiny tetrahedrons. This particular arrangement is known as a second generation Sierpinski tetrahedron, named after Waclaw Sierpinski. Waclaw Sierpinski was a 20th century Polish mathematician who pioneered the field of fractal geometry…

Second Generation Sierpinski Tetrahedron VI - bead art by GwenBeads. Japanese twisted bugles and seed beads, firepolished donut rondelle crystals, "ingenuity, attention to detail, love".