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sheet music with an angel holding a teddy bear in it's arms and the words pisli ti andliku
music notes and trebles with the word holslowy klic
Houslový klíč
the words are written in white on a tan background, and there is an image of a
C. Saint Saëns - Karneval zvířat aneb Tipy pro aktivní poslech
some type of text that is in white on a blue background, with the words'verb
HUDEBNÍ KUFR Téma: Hudební nástroje - ppt stáhnout
HUDEBNÍ KUFR Téma: Hudební nástroje Autorem materiálu a všech jeho částí, není-li uvedeno jinak, je Marek Killar. Dostupné z Metodického portálu - ppt stáhnout
spooky vocal warm - ups sheet music for violin and piano with notes on it
Free Resources | Full Voice Music
Free Resources — The Full Voice
the cover of singing games for children's choir, with blue lettering on a green background
15 Singing Games for Children's Choir | Ashley Danyew
15 favorite singing games for children's choir (with videos!) | @ashleydanyew
the cover of 16 clapping games for children's choir, with pink background
Clap Your Hands: 16 Clapping Games for Children's Choir | Ashley Danyew
16 fun hand-clapping games for children's choir - great for a gathering activity or quick change-of-pace in the middle of rehearsal! | @ashleydanyew
sheet music with the words banwa on it
Banuwa - Beth's Notes
Banuwa - Beth's Notes
sheet music notes with the words this is my chair
an apple made out of food on top of a newspaper page with words and pictures cut into it
Jak jablko a hruška hledaly nový kabátek
OVOCE-DARY PODZIMU - koláž, chiasmáž
a black and white photo of a calendar with music notes on the front, and an image of a treble clef
SINGO - This ice breaker game for our middle school choir was inspired by a pin from Christinia Huang. Each girl got a game card and walked around and tried to find girls who would complete the task. (We had several versions with different tasks/songs.) I printed them on 100 lb card stock so they wouldn't need clipboards.
sheet music with the words choir sing singing warm - up
Choir Sight Singing.pdf
Choir Sight Singing.pdf