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Some of the Steps to creating a Wire Wrapped Pendant
Here is a video showing some of the steps I took to create this wire wrapped pendant in solid sterling silver. I used 20g square and 22g half round both “dead soft”😊 The tool I’m using to twist the wire is called a “Pin Vise” I purchased it on Amazon. The oxidizing agent I used is called “liver of sulfur” and I polished up my piece using super fine 0000 steel wool, soap and water. I have a shop update every Saturday at 8pm EST on my website 💚
Brazos Delgados En 30 Días 🔥 Ejercicios De Pie Para Principiantes
Media Hora - Todo El Cuerpo: Entrenamiento De Cuerpo Completo
Rutina 2 en 1: Abdomen Plano + Muslos Delgados - En Casa
¡Este entrenamiento te acercará a conseguir un vientre y muslos más delgados! Al quemar grasa y fortalecer los grupos de músculos correctos, estarás en el camino para alcanzar tus metas personales. ¡Comencemos!💪❤ #ejercicios #entrenamiento #ejercicio_en_casa #abdominales #rutina_piernas y glúteos #adelgazar #vidasana #saludybienestar
How to lose back fat: Home Exercises
Today's workout is created with some of the best upper body exercises that will work to reduce back fat! This workout will help you burn underlying back fat while also toning your body. Not only will this burn back fat, these exercises will also target your side fats! Do this video workout regularly until you see results. They normally differ depending on your current weight, height, age, gender, metabolism, and how hard you train but you may expect to see results in 3-4 weeks.❤️💪
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5 Simple Exercises to Burn Back & Armpit Fat
Lose Lower Belly Fat with 5 Minutes Workout Daily