Showroom HOTHOT - designer radiators HOTHOT, Brno CZ

We opened a new SHOWROOM of designer radiators HOTHOT. You can visit us and see the glass radiators, mirror radiators, bathroom radiators, towel rails radiators, colored vertical radiators and radiators with motif or with photo. You can find us at Brno in the street Smetanova 17, Czech Republic. Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 to 5:00 p.m.CET Evenings, holidays, weekends by prior arrangement.
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Showroom of designer radiators HOTHOT,  Smetanova 17, 602 00 Brno CZ
HOTHOT RAL pattern book, Sample radiator
Zen Twin Line: Horizontal room radiator. Home radiator. Popular at reconstruction of flats and houses. Coloured radiator - available in 216 colours and textures. Central heating radiator. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Velvet Squares:Vertical painted (216 colours) radiators suitable in modern UK interiors. Vertical or Horizontal flat panel radiators. Wall mounted radiators. Designer flat panel radiators. Available with chrome towel rail and valves. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Velvet Picture Office: Decorative radiator with picture. Find your favorit one on: . In vertical or horizontal version. Made-to-order radiator. Central heating radiator. Available with design thermostatic valves. Delivery: 6 weeks.
Velvet Crystal Sun LED: Glass radiator with LED lights. Central heating radiator. Vertical designer radiator with hardened safety glass. Luxury room heater with central connection. Available with stainless steel rail. Delivery: 7 weeks.
Velvet:   Designer radiator in vertical or horizontal version. Radiator with decorative cover. Panel design radiator. Luxury room radiator into modern interior. Available in 216 colours. Available with chrome rail and chrome valve. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Satin Massive Round: Round towel rail. Bathroom radiator available in 216 paint finishes and as chrome radiator. Radiator in various heights. Central heating radiator. Available accessories: hook, towel rail, chrome valve, white valve, stainless steel valve. Delivery 4 weeks.
Satin Massive: Bathroom hot water radiator. Designer radiator available in 216 colours and as chrome radiator. Bespoke radiator. Central heating, dual fuel or electric radiator. Available accessories: chrome valves, stainless steel valves. Available into 4 weeks.
Ruby Twin: Designer home radiator with high heat output. Popular at reconstructions of interiors. Modern room radiator. Available in vertical or horizontal version. Coloured radiator - in 216 colours and textures. Central heating radiator. Delivery: 4 weeks.

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Ruby Round: Designer corner radiator. Practical radiator suitable into modern and classic interiors. Available in 216 RAL colours. Highlighted in textures. Spatial solutions for your home. Central heating radiator with middle connection. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Indigo Stainless: Luxury stainless steel radiator. Radiator from stainless steel in 5 heights. Nontraditional shape of design radiator. Angular design into small or big bathrooms. Central connection. Available accessory: stainless steel valve set. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Imperial Bath Round: Bathroom ladder in various colours, chrome or as white radiator. Available as central heating radiator, electric radiator or dual fuel radiator. Practical bathroom radiator. Available with regulators or valve sets. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Onyx Mirror: Flat panel radiator with mirror. Mirror radiator with hook. Central heating radiator. Bathroom mirror that heats. Designer radiator with wide use. Classic or central connection. Available with stainless steel or chrome rails. Delivery: 4 weeks.
Crystal Line Round: Stylish glass radiator. Designer radiator with glass with round shapes.Vanilla, chilli red, black night or a grass green colour? These are the colours that your design Crystal Line radiator can be. Luxury room radiator. Delivery: 6 weeks.
Retro Revolution ST: Self-standing radiator in retro style with a massive floor mounting. Retro radiator in industrial style. Various type of connection. Coloured radiator. Central heating radiator. Delivery: 6 weeks.
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Radiate Style
Classic towel radiator in dark purple featuring the latest Classic towel bar.
We'd want a rectangular mirror, but "Mirrored sides help the med chest almost disappear, emphasizing the over-size mirror in front." (Medicine cabinet: Zenith Sconce: Hampton Bay)