Radiators in traffic white colour - RAL 9016

HOTHOT radiators in traffic white colour - RAL 9016. HOTHOT design in white colour.
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Unconventional as well as practical – this is the Satin Valve heater with central connection that is tastefully hidden by a front cover in the colour of the HOTHOT radiator, with a chrome thermostatic valve.

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Self-standing HOTHOT radiator in retro style with a massive floor mounting. Retro Revolution ST is the right choice for big spaces.

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Amber is an extraordinary atypical HOTHOT radiator, which is based on the Pearl model. Not only the bevelled edge, but also the vertical smooth tubes look unusual. The customer can choose the bevelling angle.

The elegant tubular Aqua II. HOTHOT radiator is made of steel segments. Single segments consist of tubes, whose number is given in the name of the radiator. The Aqua II. radiator means that each segment consists of two tubes.

A stylishly perfect HOTHOT radiator which is ideal for architecturally unusual spaces. Two lines of vertical tubes with a high heating output. This elegant radiator with central connection will look admirable in both new and renovated buildings.

Simplicity is beauty, and the Onyx Line is proof. Not only women will appreciate the easy maintanance and simple design. It is primarily suitable for rooms such as bedrooms, children’s rooms, and living rooms, where there is an emphasis on a hygienically clean, dustless environment. A wide range of dimensions and heating outputs enable the creation of a unique HOTHOT heater.

The original stacked HOTHOT radiator Onyx Mirror finds its place especially in the entrance hall. However, you will also appreciate the practical combination of a heating source and luxurious design accessory in the bathroom.

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