HOTHOT radiators in brass colour HOTHOT 83

Are you renovating a flat or are you furnishing a new flat and are you looking for a high quality radiators? Radiators in brass colour - HOTHOT 83 help you decorate your interior. Choose from our wide offer of design radiators.
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The amazing combination of flat rounded profiles with circular bars is offered by the modern Zen Bath heater, which is suitable not only for bathrooms. If you want to change the design of interiors, without changing your furniture and tiles, try changing your heater. The HOTHOT radiator Zen Bath brings a new trendy design into your room.

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The HOTHOT radiator Satin Massive Round is made of interesting solid side profiles with rounded horizontal smooth tubes. It is one of the most favourite bathroom radiators.

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HOTHOT radiator Pearl Bath – this combines classic style, simplicity, and an innovative design. Customers who like classic style appreciate the straight horizontal smooth tubes, fastened to rounded profiles. This simple style is always current.

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Clean subtle lines are a characteristic feature of the Zen Bath Plus radiator. This HOTHOT radiator adds casual elegance to your bathroom and entrance hall.

The Ruby Round radiator can be placed not only on the wall (depth of radiator is 129 mm), but also in the corner of the room (depth of radiator is then 245mm). Every Ruby Round package contains brackets for both type of connection.

Asymetry, round tubes, clear lines, high heating output, and colourfulness. The HOTHOT radiator Ivory Side offers all this. It will stand out not only in the bathroom, entrance hall, or stairs, but can also liven up a kitchen or study room.

An unusual combination of subtle lines and a firm frame is brought by HOTHOT radiator Satin Plus. Thanks to its construction, it can easily become a pillar of every interior.

Unconventional as well as practical – this is the HOTHOT radiator Satin Valve with central connection that is tastefully hidden by a front cover in the colour of the radiator, with a chrome thermostatic valve.

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