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Designer radiators HOTHOT in light ivory colour - RAL 1015

Designer radiator HOTHOT in light ivory colour - RAL 1015. Room radiators - Towel rails radiators - Mirror radiators - Retro radiators. You have a lot of possibilities.
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Velvet: Designer radiator HOTHOT in vertical or horizontal version. Radiator with decorative cover. Panel design radiator. Luxury room radiator into modern interior. Available in 216 colours. Available with chrome rail and chrome valve. Delivery: 4 weeks.

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Velvet Squares: Vertical painted (216 colours) radiators suitable in modern UK interiors. Vertical or Horizontal flat panel radiators. Wall mounted radiators. Designer flat panel radiators. Available with chrome towel rail and valves. Delivery: 4 weeks.

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Imperial Twin Line: Modern room radiator HOTHOT. Popular at reconstructions by changing the old heaters. High heat output is the guarantee of comfort in winter months. Classic and middle connection. Central heating radiator made-to-measure. Available in 216 colours. Delivery: 4 weeks.

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Zen Mirror: Stylish mirror radiator HOTHOT. Available in 216 colours or textures. Trendy vertical room radiator with mirror. Bespoke radiator. Central heating radiator. Available accessory: chrome towel rail. Delivery: 4 weeks.

Retro Revolution HT: Retro radiator HOTHOT. Central heating radiator. In various paint finishes - 216 colours. Unique look made by the spiral, which fit closely to the steel or stainless steel tube.Vertical radiator. Delivery: 6 weeks.

Ruby Bath: Bathroom ladder radiator HOTHOT suitable into modern bathroom. Bespoke radiator - dimensions and colours. Bathroom radiator with angular profiles. Suitable for various heating types (central heating radiator, electric or dual fuel radiator). Delivery: 4 weeks

Star: Bathroom towel warmer HOTHOT suitable into small bathroom. Simple towel rail radiator for good price. Angular electric radiator, central heting radiator or dual fuel radiator. Available in 216 colours. Chrome radiator. Bespoke radiator. Delivery: 4 weeks.

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