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Ústřední knihovna

The wonderful and infinite tower of books "Idiom" from Matej Kren. There are mirrors inside so when you look inside it seems to be never-ending...

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Farmářské trhy Jiřák

Praguing Around with Clémentine (Pilot)

Hotel Josef

Shooting the Intro of Praguing Around, episode 3, at Hotel Josef :-)

Speculum Alchemie Museum

"I love your dress: thanks, it's a vintage dress from the 40's, and I love your dress too!" "Thanks it's vintage from the 16th century" :-D Fascinating legends told by Radka at the Museum of Alchemie, 2nd oldest building in Prague! Shooting the 3rd episode of Praguing Around


Favorite part of the day: eating the amazing Coq Au Vin from Red Pif: <3 Praguing Around episode 3, in Prague Old Town!


Praguing Around with Clémentine Amiraux, our Creative Director who takes you on a tour around her favorite spots in Prague 2-3. Are you ready for the show?


The wonderful glass at Material, shot by a very careful and skilled Honza!

Staré Město | Prague Old Town

This is the 3rd episode of our web series about Prague, this one about Prague 1, the Old Town of the city!

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Riegrovy sady

The Beer Garden story... Behind the scenes: the first episode of Praguing Around! - Blog

Žižkovská televizní věž

In the TV tower! Behind the scenes: the first episode of Praguing Around! - Blog