Josef Horký

Josef Horký

Bobby Peru nezná oddechu. & Vidět vlastní chyby je ještě těžší, než je dělat!
Josef Horký
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The 50 most important rules of document design. Use the acronym Color CRAYON TIP to remember the 10 categories and 50 cardinal rules for designing bea

literární žánry

Giant Poster Plots All the Many Fiction Genres - if I had any non-shelves wall space in my library, this would be an excellent addition.

whale tattoo inspiration

Billy-Shane Goes Back to Brooklyn: Tattoo — the Big Bloody Blue Whale

Samurai full face mask (somen), this mask is owned by the wellcomecollection, it is currently mislabled as a "Iron Executioners Mask, full face. European 1501-1700". Henry Wellcome (1853–1936) was a pharmacist, entrepreneur, philantropist and compulsive collector. At the time of his death he had more than a million archeological artefacts, etnographic specimens and objects of medical history packed into warehouses all over London.

European executioner’s mask, pre 1700 - because being executed just wasn't scary enough! Looks just like the midevil doctors masks maybe they shop in the same stores.


this isn't happiness™ - photo caption contains external link