Illustration by Richard Wilkinson: The angle at which we appear to be viewing her from makes be thing that the right of the eye needs to be elongated and some white placed in. Human eyes have a curve, yes, but they don't just drop off like depicted here.

Moje pravdy - Zahoďte brýle! Tisíce lidí si touto metodou zlepšilo zrak

In fact, based on some of the latest research and activities of thousands of people, you can actually throw away your glasses.

Vitamínová bomba ruského doktora: Zlepší váš zrak a zníži vnútroočný tlak

In the late a famous Russian doctor and surgeon who has worked in an eye - Vladimir Petrovich Filatov sais to his patients to make an alternative medicine mixture and start using it besides the regular medical treatment

Tento recept vás už po jednom mesiaci navždy zbaví okuliarov

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