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Whovians see the Doctor as a way of life. | 26 Reasons "Doctor Who" Fans Are The Best

The Whovian Prayer. i dont know if this means im going to hell but i'll never think of the lords prayer the same again!

There will always be another woman in his life. | 28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend

ksc 28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Terrible Boyfriend: "There will always be another woman in his life.


So if he's the same man, why doesn't Twelve trust hugs anymore? <- Because betrayal hurts more, it's an excuse to hide your face, and his kidneys don't let him.

Oh, that's a great picture:) LOVE DAVID TENNANT.

Funny pictures about Changing history is cheating. Oh, and cool pics about Changing history is cheating. Also, Changing history is cheating.

Matt Smith and David Tennant's faces are beautiful. And if you don't agree then you're wrong.

Time Lord Lightbulb Moment - Oh! This made me so happy! I loved seeing John Hurt pull some goofy playfulness out of his hat. That was when I knew that the War Doctor was still the Doctor.

You can watch doctor who without blinking so you won't miss a second, without fogeting any important parts that happen, without breathing for you are holding you breath in suspense and without thinking of all the homework and housework that you should be doing.

imagine all of those aliens and you in one room. you can't blink, breathe, think, or remember they are there. And since you can't remember to not do all these things.

I made a 'Missing TARDIS' flyer one day because I was bored and what I put on for contact information was "To contact use psychic paper or just yell 'DOCTOR' really, really loudly." I'm not even kidding when I say this made my day.

If you don't have universal roaming, just yell DOCTOR!«««I dialled this and it came up as Nova Scotia

Basically, the essence of their relationship.

DW Challenge: Day Favorite Special Episode - The Runaway Bride. This was a hilarious episode though. Loved Donna Noble from the first minute. So freaking funny!

Doctor Who Minimalist Art

"Is that the sort of man I am now? Rude and not ginger." Poor doctor, all he wants to be is ginger!