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Bright House / HAO Design

Bright House / HAO Design

Sulgrave Road Apartments  / Teatum+Teatum

Built by Teatum+Teatum in Wilson, United States with date Images by Lyndon Douglas . Sulgrave Road apartments 008 & 009 are two new homes, located in Shepherds Bush, London, formed by extending and .

Completed in 2017 in Brooklyn, United States. Images by Miguel de Guzman / Imagen Subliminal. Situated at the corner of Avenue and Street in the coveted Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, 251 by ODA New York is the firm’s latest.

Familistère Dwellings / archi5

Familistère Dwellings, Montreuil, France - Architects, Photo by Sergio Grazia. The apartments are clad in stainless steel.

Bee Breeders Announce Winners of Hong Kong Pixel Homes Competition

Bee Breeders have announced winners for the Hong Kong Pixel Homes Competition, addressing the pressures of urban growth.

Bee Breeders Announces Mango Vinyl Hub Competition Winners

Bee Breeders Announces Mango Vinyl Hub Competition Winners,First Prize: The Music Telescope / Lucia Filippini, Elisa Dellarossa & Tuana Yıldız. Image Courtesy of Bee Breeders