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Dauntless, 1944

The Douglas SBD Dauntless was the US Navy's main dive bomber during the first half of World War II and played a pivotal role at the Battle of Midway.

Hans Joachim Marseille and his Bf-109F4

Hans Joachim Marseille and his in early The 'Star of Africa' was killed attempting to bale out of a new aircraft when it caught fire that September. A few days earlier he claimed 17 victories in one day; his overall score being

N290D - USS Yorktown (CV-10) Murderer's Row,  USS Wasp CV-18, USS Yorktown CV-10,  USS Hornet  CV-12, USS Hancock CV-19 in Ulithi Atoll. 2 Dec, 1944.

Murderer's Row the carriers Wasp (CV Yorktown (CV Hornet (CV and Hancock (CV anchored in Ulithi Atoll Dec 1944