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Garden Gates

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Gates, Entrances and Paths in Gardens

Wooden arbor and fence in a perennial garden or park like setiing. This entrance is constructed with a lattice wall, which makes it perfect for vine growing.

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Entrance to a hedged garden. Wooden garden gates don't have to be boring. Here's a gate that features uniquely shaped wooden posts arranged in an unconventional, yet striking style.

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Walkway Lane Path With Green Trees And Bushes In Garden. Beautiful Alley In Park.

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Beautiful design of natural garden entrance path. This walkway showcases a dizzying assortment of plants, flowers, ferns, and vines.

A healthy honeysuckle vine greets visitors at the entry gate to a beautiful country garden.

A gate to a green blooming garden in the middle of a warm summer.

Beautiful arch entrance in a garden, VanDusen Botanical Garden. VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver features a beautiful metal arch in its walkway entrance.