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Maria Callas and Marilyn Monroe at John F. Kennedy’s birthday party, May 19, 1962.

Marilyn Monroe with Maria Callas, the Greek-American soprano who was one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the century - backstage at Madison Square Garden, May 1962 - the night Marilyn sang "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK.

The Single Most Mind-Altering Photograph Humanity Has Ever Taken When you see photographs of the Earth from far away, the implications may not immediately be clear. Listen as Carl Sagan breaks it down.

It Might Be The Most Mind-Boggling Photograph Humanity Has Ever Taken: the pale blue dot, earth photographed by Voyager One!

octdome.gif (500×850)

octdome.gif (500×850)

Uma fotografia magnífica da constelação de Orion, com Betelgeuse brilhante no…

The largest stars in the universe are red supergiants. They are massive stars that live fast, die young, and leave behind beautiful nebulae that eventually form new stars.