Konečně nápoj na ploché břicho! Pijte jej 4 dny a zhubněte v pase 10 cm

Who doesn’t want a sculptured body physique and a healthy body? With the modern way of life, most people end up having fatty layers and some suffer from long-term obesity.

Výborný koktejl - smoothie z ovoce a červené řepy, se spoustou přirozené…

1. V mixeru vše rozmixujte dohladka, asi 15 - 30 s. 2. Ihned podávejte.

Wake up your taste buds and your body with this energizing green Blast! Fresh ginger and pineapple make a winning flavor combination that will not only perk you up, but also help fight inflammation.

With summer just a few weeks away everybody is looking for the best exercise, trick, drink or diet which will help in losing some weight and getting the perfect body shape for the beach.