jarní příroda

Mother's Day Art or Kinder Birds.Printmake w/cut cardboard for the branches, trace baby bottle lids for the birds & tempera cake them. Add detail with sharpie markers & oil pastels for leaves & grass.

Bug Jars - Turn this idea into science lab.  Students can draw bugs, body parts, animals, ant farm, etc...sub idea

my bug jar. Talk about insects - maybe go on an insect hunt with magnifying glasses. Do sketches outdoors and then come inside so students can create their insect jars. I love the idea of displaying them like they're on shelves.

Lezen? Daar kikker je van op!

Website is in dutch - but the picture says everything. How fun to display school art like this!

12715564_1128028263876040_8003282437672602287_n.jpg (960×720)

12715564_1128028263876040_8003282437672602287_n.jpg (960×720)