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Tokyo Ghoul/// I cry everytime

Tokyo Ghoul/// J pleure tout le temps, Ken😭

#wattpad #de-todo ► Primer libro de curiosidades de tokyo ghoul ► Curiosidades de tus personajes favoritos ►Cosas que a lo mejor no sabias de tokyo ghoul 「 Publicada desde el 12/12/15 」 |#47 En De Todo 22/10/2016|

I have a kid in my class (he's and he looks exactly like a real life version of Kaneki. he has the same hoodie as him too!


Naruto Ninja Kunai Dagger Weapons Shuriken Cosplay Set Naruto - history of an andolescent ninja looking for recognition and aspiring to become the ninja le

Ah... The Companions. The first group I joined in Skyrim. Not my favorite, but still one I will always love. I was sad to see him die. My vengeance will still burn until I see every last Silver Hand dead.

I play as a khajiit and I had met Kodlak and he had such a sad face it reminded me of the khajiit merchant there at Whiterun who I call "Grandpa Khajiit" and so I referred to Kodlak as "Grandpa Wolf"