Šárka Vačkářová

Šárka Vačkářová

Šárka Vačkářová
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Sylvio Giardina

Sylvio Giardina

GRAPHIC COLLECTION LONG GEOMETRIC BLACK ROPE NECKLACE                                                                                                                                                     More

The Shiny Squirrel

8 Yoga Poses for Neck and Shoulders

if you don't have a block, roll up a towel or blanket! Pin it! 8 Yoga poses for neck and shoulders. Wearing: Teeki northern lights pants, old tank (similar), Lululemon headband (similar). Using: Wellicious divine mat, yoga blocks.

Eina Ahluwalia | Forgotten Gold | Alchimia /  school of contemporary jewellery in Florence

Forgotten Gold - Eina Ahluwalia (from Alchimia)

shoulder stand variation #yoga

I love shoulder stand! Can't wait to try this shoulder stand variation

pigeon twist | yoga ~ "Consider every yoga asana - standing, sitting balancing, twisting and inverted poses - as a balance. Feel how it teaches you to create a stable foundation and to distribute your body weight evenly over that base." Liz Lark '1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom' ~~~~~

Ardha Eka Pāda Rājakapotāsana (One Legged King Pigeon) with Spinal Twist

I'm trying this pose today! I love variation poses they challenge&strengthen my body more than only traditional poses!

Over hand grip in bow pose

How to do half bound lotus stretch or Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana yoga pose

Pin it! How to do ardha baddha padmottanasana. Wearing: Lululemon shorts (similar), tank, Gap bra, essie boom boom room.

Pin now, practice later! How to do grasshopper pose. Wearing: Zella leggings, Sweaty Betty tank

Pin now, practice later! How to do grasshopper pose. Wearing: Zella leggings, Sweaty Betty tank Love The Pin?