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the best bourbon apple cider cake with bourbon cream cheese frosting
Festive Bourbon Apple Cider Cake
vanilla latte cake with one slice cut out and the other half on a plate
Vanilla Latte Cake
Vanilla Latte Cake, fluffy coffee cake with vanilla coffee buttercream!
a piece of french opera cake on a white plate with chocolate chips and coffee beans
French Opera Cake
a slice of lemon strawberry layer cake on a plate
Lemon Strawberry Jam Cake- In Bloom Bakery
This lemon cake is super moist and filled with homemade strawberry jam. It's frosted with lemon cream cheese frosting and topped with more strawberry jam.
1h 30m
banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter frosting on a white plate next to a fork
Banana Chocolate Chip Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting
candied fruit slices with kiwis and oranges on the side, all cut in half
How To Make Candied Fruit Slices - 4 Recipes - Sew Historically
a peanut butter layer cake on a plate with the words loaded peanut butter layer cake
Peanut Butter Layer Cake | MUST TRY Peanut Butter Dessert
pop tart cookie bars filled with strawberry jam.
Strawberry Pop Tart Cookie Bars
2h 25m
there is a cake with white frosting on it
Tiramisu Cake
This Tiramisu Cake turns your favourite Italian dessert into a delicious and decadent layer cake. Coffee soaked layers paired with mascarpone buttercream. | livforcake.com
lemon mascarpone layer cake with white frosting and sliced lemons
Lemon Mascarpone Layer Cake | MUST TRY Lemon Cake Recipe!
2h 35m
chocolate espresso cake on a white plate with the words, chocolate espresso cake
Chocolate Espresso Cake with Silky Espresso Buttercream | Bonni Bakery
This chocolate espresso cake consists of layers of rich espresso chocolate cake filled and covered with espresso buttercream. The espresso buttercream is a Russian buttercream infused with espresso powder to get an incredible coffee-flavored dessert. If you love coffee, this is the ideal cake for you, easy to make and full of flavor. The chocolate cake uses the all-in-one method so it's very simple, and the buttercream has just a few ingredients. Easy homebaking for a birthday cake or party.
the best lemon cake recipe ever
Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd Frosting Recipe
Homemade Lemon Cake with a middle layer of creamy lemon frosting and fresh lemon curd! Delicious and made entirely from scratch, this is one impressive cake. Yet easy enough for you to make too!
there is a layer cake on the plate
S'mores Cake
2h 40m