Rock Sculpture Art for the garden ;)

2012 Garden Trends: What the Cool Kids are Planting This Year

Room for a small one around the chinaberry tree

Do you have a favorite park where you love to spend a warm afternoon sitting under the shade of a tree? Wouldn’t it be nice to create that atmosphere in your own yard? A tree bench will make it a re (Diy Patio Pallet)

Leaf Shaped Trellis

another pinner:My hubs makes these from fallen cedar branches. He makes them in tripod shapes for tomatoes and birds, too.


50 Vertical Garden Ideas That Will Change the Way You Think About Gardening

Bonney Lassie: Garden Art at the Gig Harbor Garden Tour its a good idea for some of the driftwood I have collected

River rock stepping stone, I'm going to make these with my left over rocks!!

River Rock Stepping Stones - totally do-able with a bag of river rocks and felt and my hot glue gun . no need to pay ten bucks a pop.SIDE NOTE- In HOT climates, hot glue melts away- just set rocks in cement