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Seriously so if you know a pretty good looking guy who is in the Divergent, Hunger Games, The Selection, or Doctor Who fandom you should probably let me know…

With Darcy side along them as they become the world's sassiest couple ever!!! Can you imagine their adventures full of darcy's random geek puns and loki-the-god-of-friggin-mischief's confusion over petty things like .... Ahhh im DONNEE!!!!!

I want one where it deals with the fact that HE'S THE KING OF ASGARD NOW. Maybe, before that last throne scene with Thor, Loki-Odin shows Thor that he went back to Svartalfheim to get Loki's body. However, the body he showed to Thor was actually Odin pu

Oh yes, our childhood was enjoyable, save for getting dumped into a lake four times a day. ~Loki

Thor put me down /this/ instant! Thor: Now, now brother, I want to show you something! Loki: I could've walked! Thor: *pouty voice* B-but you would've run away. Loki: There, there Thor.