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I think this meme takes #SuperWhoLock to a whole new level....of awesomeness!

The nerdy bookworm, the awkward virgin, and the surly alcoholic/drug addict. Supernatural, Avengers, and Sherlock.


batman bum iron man The Avengers Thor Wolverine Super Hero cc stan lee Marvel loki hulk bro Superhero pow dc universe<<<What? Stan Lee didn't make Batman or anything in the DC Universe.

"Look at these amazing actors. Look at the actors' eyes and then at the characters. (Might as well ignore the top; I don't know why they gave Tony Stark two pictures of himself but they're the same.) The actors look playful, but then when in character they are suddenly so changed.....look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING"

Look at these amazing actors as their hero personas and when they're playing the people behind them. look at Captain America - so starkly different from the fun loving Chris. LOOK AT TOM SMIRKING

Ok. This is the best. Thing. Ever.

Loki is Shego! That makes Hego Thor! Love this comparison given that Disney now owns Marvel.

Tumblr Marvel #6

Please, Marvel franchise, make an Avengers sitcom in which Steve, Thor, and Loki try to understand the technology of the century. The fandom needs this very much!

Oh Chris

Who's the biggest troublemaker on set? Chris Evans admits nothing! Chris Hemsworth tells it like it is. --- Chris Evans is the trouble maker on set.

All too true.

This happens to me all the time. XD xD i have second hand fandom disease xD xD

Loki'd eheheh that was me

Captain America is my favorite Avenger, I loved Loki from the start sooo.

Captain America: Winter Soldier spoilers. Steve Rogers realizes the Howard Stark really underestimated the HYDRA threat. ("Captain America 2: Starks are Wrong About Everything.")

Captain America: The First Avenger AGAINST Captain America: The Winter Soldier . <<< the funny thing is he WAS attacked with a pocket knife- IN THE FIRST AVENGER- when he's trying to keep the minions from taking off.

He's just a baby in a trench coat (in this case a baby in a leather jacket) like if you understand! Supernatural Fall out Boy

My broken babies

I mainly want the Clint and Bucky things. I wear hearing aids like Clint, so I'd love to see that.<--- We want the therapy! // Steve dealing with his depression/PTSD


Previous Pinner: *hysterical sobbing* (just thinking the same.I still have a hard time talking about Fred) My heart.