miss my buns, should i cut a fringe? black hair is so damn beautiful & so is her eyebrows & eyelashes

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Omh this girl is so facking adorable and aweh I'm dying

Thin Disguise (Lookbook.nu)

Kayleigh B - Chi Penelope Dress, Jeffrey Campbell Lita - Thin Disguise

5 Reasons Straight-Across Bangs Are Only A Good Idea In Theory | Lovelyish

I love this portrait! Everything from the floral blouse, her hairstyle, and the silly/joyful expression on her face. I would love to have some fun portraits like this for my website!

Bf fitted button up and black shorts.

thigh tattoo, forearm tattoo, black leather shorts, light blue and white stripe button-up blouse, glasses


When it comes to upscale hair accessories with a creative twist, designer Jennifer Behr is at the top of her game.